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The Bible is the inspired Word of God. It can seem intimidating, big and mysterious. There are many translations—which is the best one to choose? And where is the best place to start reading? Let us help!

Used Books

Getting Started

Choose a translation of the Bible that's trustworthy and easy for you to understand. Visit or another Bible app to try out different versions. Pastor Mike often uses the English Standard Version (ESV).


If this is your first time reading the Bible, choosing a study Bible will put maps and other resources right where you need them to answer your questions.

Now that you have a Bible to read, scroll down to find some ideas for what to read first.

What You'll Find

The Bible is not some dull read. It's about people, and we're not boring or perfect. You'll find adventure, conflict, war, romance, infidelity, rebellion, suffering, redemption, wisdom, foolishness and so much more, all wrapped up in 66 different books.

The first part, called the Old Testament, is an early history while the second part—the New Testament—reveals Jesus' life and teachings and the story of the start of the church. All of it speaks of God's love for us.

Open Book

Bible Reading Plans

Here are a few ways to get started reading:

Start With Jesus

Begin your reading in the New Testament with the book of Matthew. Hear directly from Jesus, learn about his life, death and resurrection, and then see what people do once he's no longer walking side by side with them.

Start With John

The book of John is a poetic message of remembrance from someone who spent years walking and talking with Jesus.

Start at the Beginning

If you're a history buff and want to see how God chose the Israelites to be his representatives among the nations, read through from Genesis.

Mix It Up

Try this approach (using four bookmarks) so you can read different parts of the Bible every day.

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