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Too Busy

It feels like spring now, which means it’s time to get busy – cleaning, preparing, repairing, doing something. There are always things to do that will keep us busy. But that may not actually be a good thing. Someone once told me that busy was an acronym for “Being Under Satan’s Yoke.” They were telling me the truth. People who are busy and/or distracted doing things don’t have time to focus on important things, like a relationship with God. Once upon a long, long time ago my boss asked me what I was working on. “Busy work,” I replied. She said, “Michael, there are too many important things that need to get done for you to waste time on busy work.” So true then, and still true today.

Busy people can miss out on spending time with God. If we want to avoid being under the yoke of busyness, we can look to the example of Jesus. “But [Jesus] would withdraw to desolate places and pray.” (Luke 5:16) These times alone with God the Father in prayer were fuel for the fire that kept Jesus focused on his work. Jesus had his priorities straight. Time alone with God increased Jesus’s capacity to do work in the world, it did not detract from it. And he was never busy. Being busy is not good; being productive is. Try spending some more time alone with God this week and see if it doesn’t help your productivity.

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