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Hearing God

I am skeptical by nature (or maybe by nurture – over a decade in law enforcement can do that). When someone says God spoke to them, I am reserved in my reception of what they have to share. I admit I have never heard the voice of God coming down from the heavens like what happened at Jesus’ baptism or the Mount of Transfiguration. I would probably fall down on the ground in terror if I did. That’s the fear of God, and a topic for another day.

I do believe that God speaks to His people, and I would love to have such a close relationship with God that I could state every day, “God spoke to me.” In one respect He does – through His Word the Bible. But that is not the only way He speaks to people. The Bible has numerous examples of different ways God spoke to His people. One key point in each of those is that the person knew it was God speaking to them. There was no question of that.

Since we often have trouble hearing the physical human beings in our life speaking to us, it’s no wonder we may have trouble hearing God, who is spirit, when He speaks to us. The answer to hearing both better is the same: improve the relationship. We improve relationships by spending quality time with people. Time where we focus on them instead of ourselves. Time where we actively listen to what they have to say instead of waiting for them to finish so we can talk. The great thing about God is He is everywhere and always ready to spend time with us. Try spending time this week focusing on hearing God either through His Word, or prayer, or being quiet out in His creation. Let me know if you hear anything, and I promise not to be skeptical.

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